Notes for System Simulation and Modeling (13MCA52)

The notes for the subject System Simulation and Modeling as per the VTU syllabus is available here.


SSM_Unit2 (First half Along with Poisson Table)

SSM Unit2 (Second half along with Normal Distribution Table)

Exercise Problems  (On Unit 2)

SSM_Unit3 (First half along with Chi-Square and K-S Table)

SSM_Unit-3 (Second-half)







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  1. AVINASH says:

    Mam when will you upload java notes

    • ChetanaHegde says:

      Java notes uploaded long back. Check under the head ‘Notes’ (U can see this at right side of the webpage)

  2. Jayasimha says:

    Mam I am studying third sem we want third sem notes

  3. Nikhilesh N says:

    Thank you very much for uploading these notes, mam. That too, in a very short time.
    I’m your student, A Sec. On to read your non-technical articles, whenever I have free time. :-)

  4. Roshan Zameer says:

    Hi mam am frm MCA5 sem mam what at all notes u hav plzz if possible email me my email is

  5. ASHWINI C says:

    hello mam… i am ashwini, alumini of rnsit ,MCA 2010 batch,,
    Thnk you for uploading all notes..its very useful…

    • ChetanaHegde says:

      Hi Ashwini,
      Where r u working now? I know, you are still using my notes for teaching your students 😀 No issues,
      all the best!!

      • ASHWINI C says:

        Here only mam…UBDT davangere…..
        now handling Computer networks,and C#.NET (only theory part)..
        and yes for .NET iam referring your notes.
        Thank you..

  6. ASHWINI C says:

    If we get any solved question papers it will be more useful…

  7. vinod kumar sm says:

    hi ashwini mam nanu davangere ne mam….BIET college CN,CG,ADBMS notes beku pls edre send madi mam..

  8. koushik says:

    please i need computer networks notes
    please mail me to
    i fall on your feet and beg u please send me

  9. Nandish says:

    Hello mam I want MCA 5th sem notes core sub and elective is ad-hoc an cloud computing..plz help my mail address is

  10. GOPI KRISHNA S says:

    Hi ma’am,

    I am from NEW HORIZON college 5th sem MCA.
    Thank you so much for uploading these notes and it is very useful. Looking forward for more UPDATES.

    Thank You ma’am,

  11. Sangamesh says:

    Hello mam please can u possible to send all mca 5th sem notes
    Then please send core and optional subject to my mail id thank u

  12. amit says:

    thanks your notes,can we get 5th sem notes mam..elective and regular one.
    Cloud computing
    LAB manuals

    if u have any notes please send mam..even lab manuals

  13. shruti says:

    Send second unit notes according to 13 schema mca5th sem ssM notes plz

  14. Santosh Kumar m says:

    Thanks a lot for the notes mam…

  15. Ankit Chavan says: unit 7 and unit 8 problems are not there?????

    • ChetanaHegde says:

      No, only theory questions are being asked all these years. Prepare for the questions given at the end of both units. That is sufficient.
      By the way, which college are you from?

  16. Rakesh y says:

    mam may i know do you have web 2.0 notes?

  17. Sneha says:

    Every student need a teacher like you mam..☺ Thank you mam

  18. Naveen N says:

    Hi mam I am 5sem mca student, please upload C# .Net Notes 2013 scheme
    Please mam

  19. drsup says:

    hello maam,
    Are there any problems that need to be worked out in first unit ?

  20. Raghavendra says:

    Can i get notes of OOMD, cloud computing and Multimedia of MCA 5th sem.. Please upload or send it to my email.

  21. ranjitha says:

    Mam plz upload oomd lab manual MCA 5th sem

  22. M A U H says:

    Mam, I am having OOMD Lab manual if u don’t mind shall I send you??

    • ChetanaHegde says:

      Thanks for the offer!! But, in my website, I will put only the notes/lab manuals prepared by me. Because, I will be responsible for everything here.

  23. NOORAIN says:

    Hi mam… I am 7 th sem cs student.. . Can u plzzz send me a ssm, advance java, c#. Net notes to my mail address if possible plzz send these sub notes mam… ..
    Thank you mam…

  24. NOORAIN says:

    And also Data Mining notes mam

  25. pavan kumar says:

    hi mam,can u send random variable linear problems

  26. Azeez says:

    Mam can you please put SE notes

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