Notes for Operating Systems (16MCA24)

Here is the notes for the subject Operating Systems as per the new scheme (2016) of VTU-MCA course (16MCA24).





Question Bank for the entire syllabus (Though interrupts are not in syllabus, two questions – 14 & 15 in Module 1, are given as it is an add-on topic)


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31 Responses to Notes for Operating Systems (16MCA24)

  1. Deepak says:

    Mam, I can easily understand this nodes…thank u Mam.

  2. zoya says:

    Im a student in bit when can i dwownload the modules 2,3,4,5

    16mca24 as per the new scheme i want the notes please help me soon as possible mam

  3. Aditya kumar dubey says:

    mam i am from rnsit
    Thanks for notes
    I can eassly understand all the concepts going through this notes

  4. Aditya kumar dubey says:

    Mam please upload module 3 notes

  5. zoya says:

    Mam upload module 3 & 4 notes

  6. Vishal says:

    Thanks for helping everyone

  7. Shubh says:

    Ma’am, can you please upload notes for all the subjects of mca 2nd sem?

  8. Vishal says:

    Mam please send module 5notes

  9. Vishal says:

    Thank you mam

  10. Subramani says:

    Thank you very much madam

  11. Tnx a lot mam plz provide notes for python for Mca students it will b helpful for us

  12. Prashant shastri says:

    Hi mam, i am prashant from vtu(RO)Kalburgi, i need a importnt qstns on all subjects of mca 2nd cbcs, if you can kindly share mam….

  13. Prashant shastri says:

    Hi mam, can you send importnt qstns of cpp for mca 2nd (cbcs)…

  14. Sindhu N says:

    Mam ,I’m from NIE College,Mysuru
    Thanks you so much… for such a neat and understandable notes…really it helped me a lot!!!

  15. Singe Vishal says:

    I need system software n database management system notes

  16. pramod naik says:

    mam iwant python dbms,system softwere and c++ notes module wise ,,,iam studying MCA 2nd semester

  17. Zoya says:

    I kindly request you to upload DMS notes for 1st sem MCA.

    • ChetanaHegde says:

      I haven’t prepared.
      And, your email shows that you are not a student. Are you using my notes for commercial purpose??

      • zoya says:

        No mam, i have recently joined MCA. Heard a lot about your notes, so wanted to refer them. I am not using it for any kind of commercial use.

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