C#.NET Notes

This lecture notes is prepared according to the syllabus of the following subjects –

  • C# Programming and .NET (10CS761), a 7th semester BE Computer Science and Engineering syllabus according to 2010 scheme
  • C# Programming and .NET (10IS761), a 7th semester BE Information Science and Engineering syllabus according to 2010 scheme
  • Topics in Enterprise Architecture – II (10MCA53 and 07MCA53), a 5th semester MCA syllabus according to 2010 and 2007 schemes

All these syllabus have same contents.  This document contains up to 5 units of the syllabus.  It was initially prepared in the year 2009 and then updated frequently.  Click here to download.


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9 Responses to C#.NET Notes

  1. Ajay says:

    Madam please upload . NET notes according to 2013 scheme syllabus

  2. Sangamesh says:

    Please upload 2013 scheme .net notes

  3. Prashant says:

    Please upload 2013 scheme. Net notes in yours website 2010 scheme is there therefore Please upload 2013 scheme. net notes..

  4. shruthi says:

    mam plz upload the .net notes fr 2013 syllabus

    • ChetanaHegde says:

      Sorry, I have not prepared. But, upto 5 units, it is almost same of 2010 scheme.

      • Maddy says:

        Sir, which 3-4 units I should prepare to pass…plz advice..Thanks :)

        • ChetanaHegde says:

          First four units will be sufficient to pass.
          Remember, the notes uploaded here is not of 2013 scheme..It is of 2007 and 2010 scheme. There is change in syllabus for 2013 scheme. There is a similarity only in first 3-4 units.

  5. abhay says:

    please upload units 6,7,8 of C# also
    I want them very badly!!!

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