Notes for UNIX Programming (16MCA12)

The notes for the subject UNIX Programming (SubCode: 16MCA12) for 1st Semester MCA course as per VTU syllabus is given here.






QuestionBank_UNIX (Full Syllabus)


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18 Responses to Notes for UNIX Programming (16MCA12)

  1. Ramya says:

    Please upload other modules of Unix mam

  2. SUMIT says:

    and mam plz you upload web and computer organisation all modules

  3. Syed sumaiya says:

    Mam can you please upload notes for FCO

  4. Prakash Singh Rajput says:

    Hello Mam,
    May you upload some notes regarding standard library function list(c lang.) which can run on Ubuntu.

  5. Manju says:

    Mam please upload the question bank of module 3 & 4

  6. Navin says:

    Mam,thanks for dsc and Unix note,can u upload 16mca13 note,I need this note

  7. Panitha says:

    Mam your notes so good ,mam can you update python notes

  8. Panitha says:

    Mam your notes so good ,mam can you update python notes and c++ question bank.

    • ChetanaHegde says:

      I am not handling Python for MCA. So, I have not prepared notes according to MCA syllabus. I am handling Python for BE (Open Elective 6th sem). Its syllabus is different. Still if u want, you can read.
      And, I have written a C++ book. Due to copy-right issues, I cannot share anything in soft copy. Purchase the book, students will get it for discounted price. The availability of the book – I have mentioned in a separate link. Check it out.

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