Notes for Data Structures using C (16MCA11) – New Scheme

Here is the notes for the subject Data Structures using C (Subject Code: 16MCA11) for First Semester MCA Course as per New Scheme (2016) of VTU.  

The new syllabus comprises of few topics from the programming language C and then Data structures. The students who do not have enough basic knowledge on C language can go through the document given below as a pre-requisite.

Pre-requisite_C (This is NOT a part of syllabus. Only for those who would like to learn basics of C language before starting the actual syllabus).

The Module 1 of the syllabus has topics on I/O statements, Control Structures, Functions, Arrays and Strings. Plenty of programming examples have been given in the notes to help the students for better understanding of the subject. Few topics of this module requires the knowledge of Pointers – which is a part of Module 2 as per the syllabus. Hence, the students are advised to read few portions of Module 2 for better understanding of Module 1 topics involving Pointers.

For clarification on any of these topics, students are encouraged to drop a comment.



QUESTION BANK FOR DS (On first two units)




DS_Question Bank(Full Syllabus)


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  1. Akshaya says:

    I want data structures using c 16MCA11 notes
    Can u old sent tat notes to my mail

  2. Kushal Deshpande says:

    Respected Mam this is Kushal from 16MCA11 Batch

    Plz upload the Lab Manual as per the new sylabus.

    Thank you

  3. yogesh says:

    Pls send me all notes of 16mca

  4. Akshaya says:

    Thanks for notes sir, but I want module 4 and 5 notes

  5. vinuta says:

    Sir it’s good notes plz send 4 and 5 module of ds

  6. vinuta says:

    Thanks for notes sir

  7. Rudraswamy says:

    thanks for DS notes mam really very helpfull,please update a notes of FCO old scheme as per new scheme CO notes please as soon as possible…

  8. Shalini r says:

    Thanks for notes sir we want lab Manuel according to 16mca

  9. Aditya Kumar Dubey says:

    Respected mam thanks for notes please upload important questions for main exams 16MCA11

  10. jayesh says:

    Please send UNIX notes of 16mca

  11. Aditya kumar dubey says:

    thanks for questions mam

  12. Siddharud says:

    Mam I want unix notes of 16 scene, please help me .
    Thanking you

  13. aditya kumar dubey says:

    mam please tell me is unix exam postpond or not ???

  14. Mohammed Abrar says:

    Can you provide me the notes for SOFTWARE TESTING forth semester….!!!please…??

  15. Pradeep Mali says:

    Thanks mam. Notes are so useful and easy to understand.

  16. vinuta says:

    Thank u mam good notes

  17. Pallavi says:

    Your notes was the only source which has truly helped me in passing in DSC … Thank you so very much ma’am ..!!!

  18. Pushpa says:

    Nice and very help full to students madam.

  19. gopinadh rteddy says:

    hello mam

  20. gopinadh reddy says:

    hello mam
    can u sent 2016 scheme computer organisation notes by basic to all things

  21. gopinadh reddy says:

    hello mam
    can u sent 2016 scheme computer organisation notes in mca course by basic things to all things
    what subjects do you have please send that all subjects in coursr of MCA all 2016 scheme

    • ChetanaHegde says:

      For First sem, I have prepared UNIX and Data structure notes. Both are there in my website. I have not prepared other subjects.

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