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I taught the subject Programming in Java  around 5 years ago for 2010 scheme of MCA of VTU. During then, I prepared the notes. Due to shortage of time, most part of the notes remained in ppt format. Though, it is of old scheme, students are using it even now as there is no much change in the syllabus of 2013 scheme. Moreover, I am getting calls and messages from many students of different colleges across Karnataka asking for this notes. The demand is more now as the exam is approaching 😀   Hence, I am uploading the notes whatever I have right now. A request the students: Kindly do not consider this as complete study material as it was not intended for 2013 scheme. Refer the syllabus copy and the prescribed textbook for the actual topics and then search for the same in my notes.

Here are the files:

Chapter 1

Chapter 2







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15 Responses to Java Notes

  1. sachin says:

    Sir I needed advanced java notes.

    • ChetanaHegde says:

      As I already replied to many people, I upload the notes for the subjects which I teach. So, I am sorry.

  2. Nagashree says:

    Ma’am thank you for making notes easily available. This is a very useful reference.

  3. Gopi Krishna says:

    Hi notes is easy to understand mam and can i also get java lab manual mam?? that could be more useful for me mam plzz!!

  4. Basavaraj Katte S says:

    The notes gives us the clear information in prescribed way… Very useful… Thanks… If their was a Java lab manual… It will me more helpful for us…

    • ChetanaHegde says:

      Thanks Basavaraj, but note that it is as per the syllabus of 2010 scheme. Not of 2013 syllabus.
      I have not prepared Java lab manual.

  5. Sowmya k says:

    Hai mam can u post the 2016 scheme oops lab manual

  6. pavana says:

    Hello mam i am mca student i want java notes as per 2016 cbcs scheme can you please upload it. Do the needful mam it will be helpful for all the students

  7. somesh says:

    i need notes for advanced java programming. can u please get it mam. 4sem mca

  8. Anvitha says:

    Mam can I get a notes of Java programming of 2013 syllabus… Do reply to dis mam

  9. Chethan Kumar says:

    Mam can you please provide Advanced Java notes of 2016 syllabus..Thank You

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