Lab Manual for CG with OpenGL (13MCA37)

Computer Graphics refers to image data created using computers with the help of specialized graphical hardware and software. OpenGL (Open Graphics Library) is a cross language API for rendering graphics data.

VTU has included Computer Graphics with OpenGL as one of the subjects for 3rd Semester MCA course in 2013 scheme. This subject also has respective lab (Subject Code: 13MCA37).

The Department of MCA at RNS Institute of Technology had conducted a Faculty Development Programme (FDP) when this subject was newly introduced (July 2014).  I was responsible for technical contents and hence developed lab programs according to prescribed syllabus. The same has been distributed to over 60 faculties from various colleges of Karnataka. I had uploaded all the programs in my GitHub account as well.

Sources for the development of these programs:

  • Program 1 (Chessboard using DDA algorithm) was developed by my colleague Prof. Basavaraju R.
  • Program 3 (Midpoint circle generation algorithm) was taken from the Book “Computer Graphics with OpenGL” by Donal Hearn and Pauline Baker
  • Program 12 (Liang-Barsky algorithm for line clipping) was taken from the website
  • Remaining programs were developed by me.

To download the lab manual for Computer Graphics using OpenGL (13MCA37), click here.


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