Operating System (13MCA23) Notes

This lecture notes on the subject Operating Systems (13MCA23) is prepared according to the syllabus of 2nd Semester MCA students of VTU.  The text books referred for preparing these notes are:

  1. “Operating System Concepts” by Silberschatz, Galvin, Gagne, John Wiley Publications, 6th Edition.
  2. “Operating Systems – Internals and Design Principles”, by William Stallings, Pearson Publications, 6th Edition.

The documents can be downloaded here.

OperatingSystems_Unit 1










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  1. amrapali says:

    operating system notes is really nice…..I am studying from this……

  2. Sameeksha says:

    Really helpfullllll mam tnx a lottt…… ….
    Its awesome notes

  3. jayesh says:

    Ma’am your notes are very helpful…..plzz can u send os rest of the notes

    • ChetanaHegde says:

      Hi Jayesh, may I know in which college you are studying?
      I will upload remaining chapters soon.
      All the best.

  4. manoj says:

    mam…when you post OS 7th and 8th unit notes. .

  5. Sameeksha says:

    Am from bapuji institute of engineering college from davangere mam

  6. vinod kumar sm says:

    thanku miss nimminda thumbane help agede…

  7. Sunny Singh says:

    Kindly Upload Programming with Java and Computer Networks for 2nd MCA Lab manuals

  8. Pradeep R says:

    Thank you Mam its very helpful mam…ty very much…….

  9. rajesh says:

    operating system notes are good mam…
    can we get c++ notes???

    • ChetanaHegde says:

      Hi Rajesh,
      As I have written Book on C++, the copyright is with publishers.. hence I cannot upload softcopy of the book. You need to purchase it from Prism publishers.

  10. Jayasimha says:

    Thank u mam it’s very helpful.

  11. chaitra says:

    Thank you mam ,it’s very useful

  12. chaitra says:

    Mam its very very usefull I got exact notes which I want with each and every topic thank you so much mam

  13. Rakesh says:

    It’s so easy to understand..tnk uuuu..

  14. Pradeep Mali says:

    Notes are simple to understand. Thanks

  15. harsha n says:

    Thank you mam.

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