Notes for Data Structures using C(13MCA21)

This document is a notes for the subject Data Structures using C (13MCA21) for 2nd Semester MCA students of VTU.

Download Link: DataStructures_13MCA21

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13 Responses to Notes for Data Structures using C(13MCA21)

  1. Shashikumargupta says:

    Tx madam giving such a good notes…. It easy to understand…. We want system software and DBMS notes…..

    • ChetanaHegde says:

      Thanks for the appreciation :)
      Please let me know in which college r u studying.
      Actually, here I will upload the notes of the subjects which I teach (or taught earlier). So, I am sorry, I don’t have SS and DBMS :(

  2. Sumit says:

    Mam, I just saw and read your note one day before exam and Itz really Helpful.. Short ,compile…. fully covered… thanks a lot.. now i am searching for C++ but now i just saw dat u can’t give soft copy of your book and i Understand also.. Anyway thnks a Lot !

    • ChetanaHegde says:

      Hi Sumit, hope u did DS exam well..
      Thanks for understanding about C++. If u r a Bangalorean, u can purchase c++ book in a Prism book shop in front of RNSIT.
      Which college r u from?
      All the best for rest of the exams.

  3. Sumit says:

    No Mam, I m From Kolkata…. and Studied in Acharya !
    Thanks For Your wishes

    • ChetanaHegde says:

      By the term ‘Bangalorean’, I meant if u r a resident of Bangalorean, U can come near RNSIT and purchase the book.
      Anyway, all the best..

  4. Yousuf says:

    Sir im an BIT mca student joined in 2016 …for us cbcs syllabus ..can i read DS notes ..

  5. Yousuf says:

    Hello sir .
    I want the notes for (perl and CGI) can you please help me by mailing this .to my email id

  6. Sinduja K M says:

    Mam your Data structure notes s really helpful and easy t understand ….. thank you:)

    • ChetanaHegde says:

      Thank you? Which college are you from?
      If you are into 2016 admission batch, I have uploaded separate notes on Data structures. Check that. Not this one.

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